Effect of paper packaging machine blades life of the main fa

paper packaging machine blades as one of the paper packaging machine important parts,and the sharpness of its life, to a large extent around the paper packaging machine production efficiency.

1,Material. paper packaging machine blades by the blade and blade made of high temperature welding inserts, cutting edge high hardness of tungsten chromium-manganese steel, mild steel blade. Proportional to hardness and durability of the cutter blade portion steel, high-quality blades, blade hardness after quenching up HR55 ~ 60.

2,Shape and angle.sharpening its angle between 19 °~ 23 °. However, the shape of the tool sharpening of beveled surfaces that bear the pressure from the cut away portions of the stack in the cutting process, the paper side friction, blades bevel soon be worn. Double-blade cutter, there are obvious advantages, its blade grinding machine helps reduce the load and raise the accuracy of high crop. Thus in the next tool material allows, and taking into account crop-versus shear size of the premise, the sharpening angle should be as small as possible.

3,Paper packaging machine blades quality,Paper packaging machine blades the higher the quality, the longer the life of the blades, cut the better the quality.

4,Cutting type of material.cut the paper at the time, the speed of the blades become dull and hard and soft texture of the paper ash content and much information. When cutting the harder texture, the greater the ash content of the paper, the blades become dull faster.

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