Tungsten carbide coating for food packaging blades to extend life

Tungsten carbide coating received a lot of national Food and Drug Administration certification,at present, the coating has been widely used in food packaging industry. WC coating can effectively extend the service life of the paper packaging blades, standard blade life can be enhanced from the previous 12 hours of continuous use for more than 10 consecutive weeks.while the tungsten carbide coated blades coated plastic package has the same effect of prolonged, this life of the blade before and one day after coating Hardide tungsten carbide coating, the service life can reach more than 3 weeks.

Blade cutting edges loses intensity, will cause the process to slow down the speed of the food packaging industry, and increased production costs. Tungsten carbide coated insert both for cutting plastic wrapping or packaging, can improve tool life, but also can improve the speed of production of food packaging, to reduce costs.

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