Packaging machines blades produce worn cause


Packaging machine blades is mainly used for the blades on the packaging machine, the blade in the market there are many types because the packaging machine selected insert different types of naturally there are differences in the packaging industry, people for product packaging requirements are relatively fine Therefore in the industry long-term packer blade and plastic materials such as contact, friction, it will certainly have some wear, the main reason, what does?


1, The packaging machine blades material occupies a large part of the material directly determines the cutting blades, and the blade material will affect the processing efficiency of the packaging machine, quality, cost, etc., so durability is good or bad have a great impact on the packaging machine.


2, Problems packaging machine blades edge angle if the blade rake angle increases, the strength of the cutting edge will be correspondingly weakened, easily lead to increased flank wear after the situation; the increased angle will also reduce the strength of the cutting edge , increase flank wear area.


3, Packaging machine blades pitch, tooth packer blade distance between have a tremendous impact on the sealing and cutting the plastic molding, so that also need attention.


4, The packaging machine blades sharp as possible, and then the friction generated between the contact material is relatively small, the packaging machine blades wear also will slow down.

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