Packaging machine uses and considerations for cross-cutting blade


In blades manufacturing, especially automatic paper cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, program-control paper cutter and other high-tech, highly intelligent products, packaging machine cross-cutting blades used for many digital printing industry to improve the quality of the work and efficiency. In terms of accuracy further, but from the printing and packaging industry personnel, using CNC cutting machine, paper cutting machine, paper cutter products cut, security is often overlooked.


Some packaging machine blades to cut manufacturing costs, using principles of circuit braking, which in some special cases, such as sudden power failure, loosening of the socket, case of sensor failure, can result in "slip the knife" extremely dangerous situation. Therefore, in the purchase of paper cutting machine buy motor with a mechanical brake component products, no matter what the circuit, motor lock, there will not be any danger. This requires skilled operators of tight fit to ensure safety.


For paper machine dual-button operation principle, which requires that both buttons are pressed at the same time, otherwise the cutter motor not action, this aims to ensure that in a single operation in the process of cutting machine is in a safe state. When replacing cross-cutting blades packaging machine, related personnel must stall holder, ensure that the blade is closed, so as to ensure the safety of personnel, can also damage the blade. Also note that removing the blade can't literally put in disorder, prevent injury to other people.

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