Application performance of keen blade


With the rapid development of the market, increasing demand for the blades in packaging industry, is the most commonly used slitting, cutting, cutting tool, its quality and processing technology, has a close relationship, and shorten the production cycle and reduce processing costs is of great significance, most of the detailed reply fine blade parameters, these parameters determine the processing capacity of the tool and cutting performance. When each blade is selected according to the material type, cutting speed, cutting direction, feed speed, cutting an accurate choice of specific parameters such as width.


1, good hardness and high wear resistance.

Hardness and wear resistance are eager to basic features of the application performance of the blade. Keen cutting blade from the workpiece hardness must be larger than the hardness of the workpiece, and packaging machine blades the hardness of the material, the higher its wear resistance is better. Hard spots in your organization (carbides, nitrides, etc) of higher hardness, the greater the number of particles smaller and more evenly distributed magnetic powder clutch wear resistance possible.


2, strength and toughness.

Keen blade must have sufficient strength and toughness to withstand cutting occurs during shock and vibration conditions still work without chipping and breaking.


3, thermal stability.

Keen blade cut the main logo is heat-resistant, in high temperatures to maintain a certain degree of hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness.


4, thermal physics and thermal shock properties.

Keen blade material thermal conductivity, the better, cutting the heat more easily from the cutting zone, helps to reduce the temperature.

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