Affect the packaging blades wear fast four factors

In the packaging blades, long-term contact with fixing material such as plastic, make them loss of friction, wear mainly in the following factors:


1,Packaging blades choice of raw materials.

Packaging blade material is to determine the cutting performance of underlying factors, process efficiency, quality, cost, and tool life has a great influence. Blade material harder, better wear resistance, high hardness, toughness, the lower the material more brittle.


2, Blade angle.

Rake angle: as the angle increases, the packaging blades strength was weakening, but lead to flank wear. Negative rake angle processing, cutting, increases the cutting vibration with large positive process, tool wear, cutting vibrations as well.

Angle: the angle increases, the cutting edge strength, flank wear areas increases. After the large angle of tool, cutting vibration strengthening.


3,Blade pitch.

Packaging blades pitch directly affect the sealing of plastic molding, tooth size, also reflected the size of the loading area, loading area is smaller, more blade is easy to wear.


4,Packaging blades sharpness.

Blade is sharp of the frictional resistance is smaller and slower wear, otherwise wear out faster and faster, until the blunt cannot be cut.

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