Proper maintenance of the packaging machine blade, to extend its service life

The staff in the use of packaging machine blade, you need to maintain it. Only in this way can extend its service life. That the following simple to say to you, how to properly maintain the packaging machine blade.


First, regular inspection


The staff need to be checked regularly when they are not using the packaging machine blades. Rather than placing the side, so if the blade is a problem, there is no way to find. So regular inspection is very necessary.


Second, regular cleaning


Regular cleaning is also the staff must be done. When the use of packaging machine blade after a period of time, the above will appear a lot of dirt, so naturally will be affected to use.


Third, regular lubrication


Workers do not need to use the packaging machine blade, they also need to lubricate. In the lubrication, then use it will not be so jerky, it will not rust. So that it will extend its service life.


Fourth, reasonable storage


Staff storage machine when the blade, the need to pay attention to the storage environment. The surrounding storage environment is also very important. The machinery and equipment should be placed in a clean and tidy, cool and ventilated place.


Therefore, the correct maintenance of packaging machine blade, is inseparable from the above points of support.

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