We are engaged in the production of packaging blades in  China for more than 20 years,Whole family in the blades  industry has more than 100 years,We have a wealth of  experience in the production of packaging blades,We  understand all production standards about packaging industry  blades.and using high-quality materials, in accordance with  strict production technology to produce the industry's most  competitive package blades.our packaging blades are  currently China, the United States, Japan and many other  countries use the procurement, and has been recognized by  everyone.
    From paper packaging machine blades to metal packaging machine blades,All our packaging blades are subjected to rigorous factory inspection,We have a professional CNC machine tools and equipment and experienced team,We are producing packaging blades precision deviation between ± 0.005 mm.
    We can provide the following standard blades packaging machinery, of course, if your machine is not one of them, does not matter, we can help you customize, you only need to provide a simple hand-painted artwork and size.

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      Shanghai Zhengli Blade Manufacture Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997,is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Packaging Blades,Packaging Machine Blades,Packaging Circular Blades,Packaging Separator blades,Packaging Industrial Blades.Applications include Paper Packaging,Plastic Packaging,Wood Packaging,Glass Packaging,Metal Packaging and other industries! more
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